One of the examples of the evolution that Cozumel has been accompanying in recent years and of its great interest in pleasing its visitors, is the Discover Mexico theme park.

This park is one of the largest attractions on the island and one of the busiest, here the different stages of the country in history are presented, from the pre-Hispanic era to the present day; All this through large models with the most representative archaeological sites and buildings in the country, in addition to this, you will notice that it also has a museum where it is possible to observe various exhibitions that, because they are temporary, will always surprise you with something new, thus offering , a new way of learning while having fun and being amazed by each model.

Discover Mexico Park in Cozumel

Among the samples that you can find in this place are scale models of some pyramids of Chichen Itzá, among others of colonial, pre-Hispanic and modern Mexico; the great treasures of history are found here and a few steps from each other.

The main objective of this park is to make another part of Mexico known, demonstrating that it is not only about landscapes but also about history and culture, in this way, the tourist can know great treasures of Mexico without having to move, because here it is You will get to know just by walking and paying attention to the guides provided here.

And to make this tour more enjoyable, it offers a variety of Mexican drinks as well as a delicious menu with typical dishes from different regions of the country.

It also offers you a shop where you can get the best memories of your visit and a few samples of the crafts that are worked here.